ChaletMFG started with the idea of producing quality devices that look and feel good, won't easily break or fall apart, and offer a great warranty service when needed.

Starting with redesigning market devices to fit our own needs, while adding a little flair, we soon began to offering customization. Custom powder coating, engraving, and logo designs as well as technical and other advice when requested. Soon after, we began to design our own devices, using power sources that offered longer battery life, good power output, and some with warranty service. We have been working closely with companies to produce our own battery and other accessories that will make the vaping experience not only enjoyable but more (two of our main focal points). We continue to move forward and our design team is working tirelessly to produce more devices and help the industry evolve with cutting edge technology.

Below is how we have evolved since our inception...moving from humble beginnings to producing products that are works of art.......Enjoy !!!